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Fokus – Films From Germany

Welcome to the 7th edition of FOKUS: Films from Germany
11 - 31January 2022

Fokus: Films from Germany 2022 programme

6th edition

We are delighted that, despite the uncertain situation, the festival will take place this year from the 3rd to the 17th of December 2020. It will be an all-digital, online affair and a bit shorter and smaller than in previous years, but we still aim to present a diverse and engaging selection of recent German cinema, covering a particular range of exciting and eclectic snapshots from the contemporary film scene in Germany.

We hope you enjoy the selection as much as we enjoyed choosing it - and stay safe!



Leif in concert (c)MatchFactory

Feature Film | 115 min. | Germany, 2019
LEIF in concert

After having taken a long time off work, Lena returns for her first shift in the Jazz Blues Bar: deliveries arrive and musicians, friends and acquaintances stop by, as do the more illustrious regulars. And in the evening, the Danish musician Leif (a.k.a. Poorboy) is going to be playing. A declaration of love to the microcosm that is the 'pub', with its stories and figures filmed from the neighbouring table.

Coup (c)Sven O. Hill

Docu/Feature Film | 81 min. | Germany, 2020

As a lowly bank employee, what do you do when you discover a security vulnerability in the bank's financial transaction system? You pinch 2.5 million German marks and disappear to Australia. That's what supposedly happened in the summer of 1988 – and now onscreen in this as entertaining as raucous melange of documentary, animation and feature film.

Cleo (c)Global Screen

Feature Film | 101 min. | Germany, 2020

What Amélie was to Paris, so Cleo is for Berlin: Bursting with ideas, treasure hunter Cleo wanders an enchanted city in search of master criminals the Sass Brothers’ treasure. A big city fairytale full of wit and bizarre supporting characters from the past, it’s romantic, playful, and, at the same time, a love letter to Berlin. 

Sisters Apart (c)The Match Factory

Feature Film | 93 min. | Germany, Greece, 2020
Sisters Apart

Rojda, a German soldier and native Kurd, volunteers for a mission to train female Kurdish soldiers in Iraq to fight ISIS. No one must know that she is actually looking for her missing sister.

What might have been (c) Flare Film Reinhold Vorschneider

Feature Film | 90 min. | Germany, 2019
What might have been

Astrid is in her late forties and has her life firmly under control. She has fallen in love with Paul, and their first weekend trip together takes them to Budapest for a few romantic days, just the two of them. Together with Paul, Astrid looks back at her past, and suddenly everything could be as it had never been.

Sag Du es mir (c)MissingFILMs

Feature Film | 104 min. | Germany, 2019
You tell me

Due to an unexplicable act the destinies of three people collapse and dissolve into a dramaturgical dance about victims, offenders and the truth that lays between the lies.

Ein Fisch der auf dem Rücken schwimmt © MissingFILMs

Feature Film | 103 min. | Germany, China 2020
A fish swimming upside down

A love triangle filled with expectations, longing and fears leaves open the speculation of who knows what about whom.

Marthe Cohn Zunge (c)MissingFILMs

Docu | 86 min. | Germany/France 2019

The film tells the untold story of a French Jewish spy, Marthe Cohn - aka Chichinette. After keeping silent for almost 60 years, she shares her extraordinary story of a 4.5 feet high woman who managed to beat the odds and fight the Nazis as a spy. At the age of nearly 100, she tours the world, promoting her message to people of all generations.

Naked Animals (c) Media Luna

Feature Film | 83 min. | Germany, 2020
Naked Animals

Five friends growing up in a small town in Germany, have to decide whether leave or stay after they finished school. They seek each other, they run away from each other as they kiss and brawl deciding what it seems to be the rest of their lives.

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