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Tiger Girl
Tiger Girl | © Berlinale / Picture Tree International

The category "Women" comprises films about important stages in the personal development of women. The focus of these films is not on recent trends or scandalous revelations -if you put all the movies in order theyreveal the life cycle of a hypothetical woman,with each stage depicted in a truthful and relatable way. The directors look sharply at their female protagonists and tell stories full of nuance, shade and sometimes sadness.

In this category you will find both female and a male perspectives, archived stories about artists,and documentaries which tell stories about the ‘girl next door‘. There are movies about crisis situations, periods of upheaval and changes where women emerge with a better understanding of their own age. You will find subjective documentaries about families, or thrillers where there is a fight to maintain one's individuality. In all of these films,women find a way out of their own emotional cul-de-sac.

Family Business

Eva Hesse

Die mit dem Bauch tanzen
(>>Version with English subtitles)

Im Alter von Ellen
(>> Version with English subtitles)

Lenalove (with English subtitles)

(>> Version with English subtitles)

Oma & Bella

Tiger Girl (with English subtitles)

Vergiss mein Ich
(>> Version with English subtitles)