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Country and Culture

Frankfurt Skyline
Frankfurt Skyline | © Anna Sukhova

When thinking of Germany, most people think of beer, sausages and football. Our movies show this country from a different angle. There are two movies about Germany's amazing nature; the sea and these vast fields evoke the wish to go at once tosee these beautiful landscapes for yourself, and smell the salty air of the North Sea or Baltic Sea. Another movie has as its focus the magical Jewish cemetery Weißensee in Berlin and its history evolving alongside that of the country, from the 1880s to the present.
At first glance "Different Bayern" seems out of context here, but it’s this movie which has the important role of showing "typical Germany" - a country where people live for football.
However, at the same time it puts its finger on one of the most urgent problems facing the country - intercultural integration. These movies make you want to discover a different, "off the beaten track" Germany.

Am Ende der Milchstraße (with English subtitles)

Different Bayern

Im Himmel. Unter der Erde


Usedom – Der freie Blick aufs Meer