Doppelgänger The Great Education Debate

Maureen Metzger & René Koglbauer
Maureen Metzger & René Koglbauer | Photo: Sounds Right

Maureen Metzger (UK) and René Koglbauer (Austria/Germany) discuss their experiences in the classrooms of each other’s country. School reform, the curriculum, language-learning: the politics, pleasures and pain of education are at the heart of this great debate in Europe today, whatever the country. What can we learn from each other? Are our schools fit for a global, digital world? Hear two leading schoolteachers on tradition versus innovation, continuity versus change. 

Maureen Metzger 

Maureen Metzger has had a long and fascinating career working in the German education system. Most British teachers spend only a short time in German schools – usually as a Language Assistant – because, until recently, only native Germans could hold full-time jobs as teachers. In spite of this, Maureen managed to spend 25 years teaching English in the Federal Republic. 

She worked initially as a translator for Daimler-Benz, then married a German judge and settled in Berlin, where she taught at the Berlin Kolleg, aGymnasium, or Grammar School, then latterly at the Natorp Gymnasium. 

She has also taught in the USA, (where she gained her degree in English and studied German, at Columbia University, NY), as well as getting herGrosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom from the Goethe-Institut in London. More recently, she has been teaching in English secondary schools and now works in the famous German School in London, a private school that serves the German language community in the London area. Audio wird geladen  

René Koglbauer

René Koglbauer is a passionate and highly respected teacher and academic, who has taught in schools and universities all over Europe – in Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary. He worked for many years in England at the Cherwell School in Oxford, where he was promoted to Head of German and Acting Head of Languages. 

Today he’s a university lecturer and education academic at Newcastle University. And as a champion of language learning in the UK, he works closely with key language bodies round the country and abroad. 

René was born in Austria in 1977, attended Vienna then Keele Universities, studied education and languages and moved to England in 1999. Drawing on his experience as Director of the North Leadership Centre at Newcastle University, he is ideally placed to contrast and evaluate the education systems in Germany and Britain and how they compare with the rest of Europe. Audio wird geladen