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Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? © Goethe-Institut/LABLAB

About the project

'WEATHER GLASS OR CRYSTAL BALL?' is an interdisciplinary research project organised by the Goethe-Institut in Glasgow, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Through hackathons, artistic research and a concluding symposium, we’ll be exploring the questions of how we experience and communicate about weather and climate change.

The crystal ball and the weather glass, or barometer, were both invented because of human curiosity and because of our urgent need to understand and predict the conditions of the world around us. Both objects are associated with the expectation of being able to make predictions, and both tell a story about the connection of art and science.

Scientists and artists capturing the weather – this forms one element of the project. Pictures from previous centuries can be used to derive information about the weather conditions at the time of their creation, and traces of human influence on the earth’s ecosystem are also visible in the pictures. However, this project is just as much about contemporary debates about the weather. The point is to re-understand and to re-enforce that there is no life without weather and no living without climate.


Hackathon Glasgow 12. - 13.11.2020 (online)
Climate Hackaton © Juliane Springsuth, Goethe-Institut
Hackathon Oslo: 18. - 19.04.2021 (online)

Artistic research: spring 2021 through to winter 2021

Concluding symposium in Stockholm: autumn 2021

participating places

Glasgow, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm

Ecologues - How we will survive the era of humans: 
Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? Mapping the Weather in Art and Science.

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