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Throughout 2022, the trans-cultural art initiative Goethe Morph* Iceland invites artists and art collectives in Iceland, Germany, Kenya, Mali, and around the world to artistically explore How we always wanted to have lived. These different projects, after being developed throughout the summer, will come together in September 2022 when artists, thinkers, and creators meet to put their artistic and curatorial practices, workshops, performances, conversations, and public research in dialogue with each other at The Nordic House in Reykjavík.

Central to Goethe Morph* Iceland – a cooperation by the Goethe-Institut and The Nordic House – is the search for a new narration of the future, beyond immediate crises. Challenging us to re-consider our relationship to nature, nations, and each other we all are asked to re-imagine life together. Touching on issues of decolonization, memory, embodiment, and entangled living, Goethe Morph* Iceland addresses people from around the world to envision alternative forms of living and togetherness. To ensure that the most international and diverse audience can participate, the projects will take place in various shapes and forms - in-person, in schools, in art spaces and out in the open, with some events also available online – live or as a recording.

The public program will include a presentation of newly commissioned and already existing works and artistic and curatorial practices, among them a public research program by the arts collective Walther von Goethe Foundation, the video work next…II between dancers in Mali and Iceland, and a work-in-progress sound installation by the Marc Sinan Company. Talking Objects Lab, the decolonial think tank and curatorial collective from Berlin, Dakar, and Nairobi, will be holding the two-day long event UNEXPECTED LESSONS – Decolonizing Nature. Goethe Morph* Iceland further marks the starting point of the exhibition A Growing Body of Evidence at Nordic House, which runs throughout Autumn and Winter of 2022.

Learn more about the program, the individual projects, and which events can be engaged with from afar on the program website.

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