Exhibition “Inventions from Germany”

 Exhibition Inventions from Germany © Photo: Stephen McCoy “The car is a temporary phenomenon. I believe in the horse.” The new invention from his country was viewed critically by Kaiser Wilhelm II., German Emperor from 1888 – 1918. Can you imagine a life without a car? 

At the end of January the Foresight Centre in Liverpool hosted the new exhibition Erfinderland Deutschland – a travelling exhibition created by the Goethe-Institut, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. The exhibition focuses on ground-breaking, German inventions from scientific disciplines and highlights past as well as current innovations which influence our future. Each discipline is introduced by a statement as mentioned at the beginning of this text.

The exhibition was opened by various partners in Liverpool – SIEMENS and UK Trade&Investment both focused on the combination of STEM and German and highlighted its importance for professional careers. Moreover, the German Academic Exchange Service, covered the possibility of studying in Germany.

In co-operation with the Native Scientist, a non-profit organisation, the Goethe-Institut London recruited German scientists and enabled many students – having visited the exhibition – to take part in scientific workshops (which dealt with key subjects of the actual exhibition). Thus, the workshops and exhibition were linked to the “STEM Teaching” combined with German and German as a school subject was linked to core subjects of the British school curriculum.