Farlingaye High School, Woodbridge

Presentation of the PASCH Award © Photo: Mark Witter Photography

In 2017 Farlingaye High School joined the PASCH initiative.

Dr. Susanne Frane, head of culture in the German Federal Foreign Office, highlighted the engagement of Farlingaye High School: “Schools like Farlingaye High with a whole-school approach to German play an essential part in supporting the exchange between different countries and they teach their students the skills they require as citizens of a globalised world.” Farlingaye High School uses a local network of partners and international co-operations to achieve this. In co-operation with the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Farlingaye High School offers internships abroad, to German teaching students. Moreover, as part of the network ‘Think German’ of the University of East Anglia, the school trains local German teachers for free.

Farlingaye High School encourages young people to find an interest in modern Germany and the German language while connecting German learners around the world. Intercultural dialogue and exchange are key aspects shared among 1800 PASCH schools worldwide.

While the opening ceremony included a reception and speeches, German rapper ‘Chefket’ and his band gave a bass-loaded concert in the school’s gym in front of 400 pupils. After the concert Chefket and his band offered a workshop, explaining the technical backgrounds of rap music and their technical devices.