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GCSE-website 'Auf Deutsch' GCSE-website 'Auf Deutsch' | Photo: © Julana Chondrasch

While we were starting work on our “Auf Deutsch” website we were pleased to see the positive feedback on our existing A-level website in our survey among German teachers conducted in 2011. It gave us a strong incentive to get going on a draft website that would include all the features of the final product and would cater for all levels of learning German including GCSE. Trips had to be made to Berlin, video footage as much as audio material had to be recorded, and blogs had to be written.As there is a perceived lack of authentic language materials currently on offer for younger language learners we had to look closely at the balance between authenticity and accessibility for the young learners. We were very much aware that the website should be relevant to young people and motivate them to engage with the material. The students should find the learning and revising process a stimulating experience without the usual drawbacks of preparing for an exam. We also thought the material should be of interest to those for whom an exam is still a couple of years ahead and there should be joy in seeing the German sites, listening to the material and reading about relevant issues.

As we are developing the site further, particularly on a wide range of topics and other aspects with relevance to GCSE, we would very much welcome your input, too. This might be in the form of feedback or by suggesting materials or specific forms of exercises and much more. Of course we would be particularly pleased if you recommended the site to your students and started using it in your work with German on a permanent basis.

Instructions for the website are available as a free download here:
Instructions for the website 'Auf Deutsch'

In addition you can download the transcripts of the video content on the website as Word files here:

Link to the website:
Auf Deutsch Website