Youth in Germany
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Youth in Germany Youth in Germany | Photo: © Jan Haas, picture alliance

Adolescence as the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood… as is well-known, life changes with puberty. Former interests are no longer of importance, lifestyle and love become fundamental points of interest, while school and parents are rather unimportant, sometimes even bothering elements in the daily life of teenagers.Because of the personal relevance of those typical topics for young people, students are usually very motivated to study and discuss them in class. Furthermore, your students will find it exciting discussing the subjects like friendship, love or relationships in an intercultural context, with a comparison between UK and Germany

The Goethe-Institut offers twelve fascinating language materials covering the main topic “Youth in Germany”. We also provide you with attractive pictures, interesting texts and statistics tailored for young people. In combination with our teaching resources, you will be able to integrate them easily in your class.

Your students will be able to identify with many things, while others might seem strange or even funny to them. In any case, you will have an excellent basis for lively discussions about commonalities and differences between the British and the German youth culture.

Our teaching resources offer a unique approach and a perfect basis for teaching the themes in your class. There are motivating exercises, relevant questions and well prepared suggestions how to adapt each topic within two or three teaching units. 

Pictures, teaching resources and further information ( [Deutsche Flagge] all in German) can be downloaded below. We send the accompanying text material on request by email (PDF files). Just send an e-mail to:

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