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Online Podcasting Project: Sag’s Mir

The podcast Sag’s Mir is the podcast run by German learners, for German learners, aged 16-18, and is coordinated by the Goethe-Institut London. So far, over 30 young German learners across the country have being collaborating together to create a new podcast which is put together within a virtual work experience week. 

In the words of our student marketing team, Sag’s Mir “covers a variety of topics, from politics to culture, to Music and STEM. Each episode, produced by German learners, includes insightful interviews with area-specific experts. We aim to bring German into conversations outside the classroom in order to further develop individual communication skills and broaden overall awareness of the German-speaking and wider world. Allowing both listeners and interviewers to expand their German together, the podcast is well suited to anyone interested in immersing themselves in the German language”.

The podcast is available in German.

Listen to the Podcast

Sag's Mir #1: „Deutsch und Kultur"

Sag's Mir #1 Goethe-Institut London Students sit down with University lecturer Dr Seán Williams and actress Lynne Brackley to discuss their cultural experiences and Germany’s influence in their own lives. Seán, a lecturer of German studies at Sheffield University, discusses the cultural differences between Germany, Switzerland and England. Lynne travelled with several German theatre groups, and here she explores the world of opportunities which learning German opens.

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Dr. Seán Williams teaches German at the University of Sheffield, formerly at the University of Bern in Switzerland. His academic publications discuss the cultural history of German-speaking regions from the 18th Century onwards, and have been published in both English and German.

Seán learned German at a comprehensive school in rural Norfolk, just as Guildo Horn was competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. His love of terrible pop music took him to Trier for his year abroad: Horn’s hometown, where his beloved “Nussecken” can be found.

Seán graduated from the University of Oxford, receiving his doctorate in 2014 which he wrote on German Literature and Philosophy from the 1800s. His excellent dissertation was published as a book.  Alongside High German, Seán also understands the Swiss dialect. He also speaks a little French and is currently learning Italian – the latter, because he has recently fallen in love.

When he needs a little time out from students and colleagues, Séan likes to sail. His little yacht is called “Lucy”. One day he would like sail with “Lucy” from Norfolk to the Wadden Sea. 
As a child, I always wanted to fly. I had always found the job of a flight attendant very appealing. To apply for such a job, at the time, one had to have mastered six languages. For that reason, I began learning French at the age of nine and after that there was no stopping me. I read German and French at the University of Bath. Afterwards I thought to myself, why just do one job? I could also become a diplomat. Or an interpreter. Or a politician. Or…

Then, I realised: as an actress, I could play all of these roles. For roughly ten years, I toured with different theatre groups, often in Germany. Almost as good as flying! With two children, however, it was often difficult to be on the move all the time. And so, I worked in London as a director, producer, project manager and artist.

I am particularly proud to say that I have worked closely with the Goethe-Institut for over 30 years. Now 62, I am also an activist, dubbing actor and artisan. You name it, I can knit it!

Sag's Mir #2: „Deutsch und Politik"

Sag's mir #2 Goethe-Institut London Today we’ll be exploring German politics further by talking to Catherina Kaiser and Keely Brown. Keely Brown is a university student at Durham who studies Politics and German, and a former participant of the Goethe-Institut work-shadowing week to Schwäbisch Hall. She’ll be talking about Brexit, artwork and feminism. Catherina Kaiser is a journalist who writes about the rights of women, and speaks about her own experiences of podcasting. We hope you enjoy taking your German language into a new context!

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Hello, I’m Keely! When I was in Year 12, I was a participant of the Goethe-Institut’s work experience week in Schwäbisch Hall. Now, I am studying German at the University of Durham, and I am particularly interested in German culture and politics. I believe that you can learn so much about yourself and the world we live in when you learn about the daily live and stories of other people. The topics of feminism, the Berlin wall and art are of particular interest to me.

My time in Schwäbisch Hall was probably one of the best weeks of my life – I spent the week in the ecotown of Michelfeld at the town hall, and got to practise and speak so much German. I was part of a great group of people. Many of the other students have now become good friends of mine.
Catherina Kaiser (*1992) grew up in a small town in the black forest. After spending a year as an au-pair in San Fransisco, she studied American History, politics and history (BA) in Munich, with a particular focus on women’s and minority rights. Parallel to her studies, she worked in several editorial offices, and later as a freelance journalist, including for The Huffington Post, VICE, Broadly, i-D Magazin, ZDF and NEON. Her favourite topics to write about are politics, society and culture.

In 2019, together with Zohreh Ahmadian and Marie Eisendick, she founded the locally-known, intercultural feminist podcast in Stuttgart, HerzaufZunge, which they have continued to produce and present together since then. She is currently in the process of changing career path, and will begin to train next year as a midwife. Using her knew knowledge, she will continue to speak and write about the topics which are close to her heart.

Sag's mir #3: „Deutsch und MINT"

Sag's Mir #3 Goethe-Institut London What is MINT? What does it have to do with German? In this episode, we will be asking the experts our most burning questions about the STEM field in Germany. Listen as we Interview Silke Nodwell, a fourth year mathematics student at Imperial College London who spent time studying in Berlin, and Mike Joyce, from Siemens AG one of the largest industrial manufacturing companies in Europe who help us explore the intersection of STEM and German.

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Silke Nodwell is currently in her fourth year at Imperial College London, where she is reading Maths, and recently returned from a year abroad at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She spent her childhood in Canada and France, and for this reason, speaks English and French. Thanks to her insightful year in Berlin, she also speaks very good German and gained insight into German culture, from Wagner and Brahms to Süskind and Goethe. In the first half of the year before the onset of the corona pandemic, she not only had the opportunity to learn more about differential equations, but also competed a history course and played in the Symphony Orchestra of the HU.
Mike Joyce is Operational Head for Export Control at Siemens Energy, a sector of the leading international technology group Siemens AG. Mike studied German and Italian at the University of Lancaster, and uses his German on a day-to-day basis within the workplace.

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