"Languages all around you!"
German for Children

A new booklet aiming at an increased awareness of the multilingual world surrounding young learners is now available from our website.The booklet - complementing MLPS materials - is a collection of activities which leads pupils to discover the important role modern languages play in everyday life. In none particular order, classes can explore together 6 different areas: Family & Home, Friends & School, Languages in Public Places, Travel, Food and Sports.

Some tasks include the personal experience of pupils, i.e. asking family members and friends or researching in supermarkets or the family home.

About 500 pupils from 11 different Primary Schools across Scotland have been taking part in the piloting of the booklet from December 2010 to March 2011. Teachers found the approach “very engaging, stimulating and challenging …”. For some of the pupils, it was quite surprising to discover that other languages are present to such an extent in everyday life: “Our car is a foreign car and the perfume of my mum is foreign!”, said Kevin (10). The activities encourage pupils to think more about the importance of languages and the role they play in and outside school: “I was aware of other pupils speaking a different language, but I didn’t think really about it”, said Emma (12). Pupils enjoyed that learning was taken out of the classroom and that their personal experiences were incorporated into learning.

No doubt, modern languages are all around us! We just have to open our eyes, listen to others speaking a different language and think about how interesting and fun it could be to dip into another language, into another world.