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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Germany?

Which church tower in Germany is the world's highest? What is the motto of the Bauhaus School? And what household item, which everyone knows, was invented by a housewife from Dresden? Test your knowledge about Germany - and get to know the country better in our quiz!

Junger Mann mit LaptopFoto (Ausschnitt): © picture alliance /Westend61 /dpa
 Living in Germany Photo (detail): © Colourbox

Living in Germany

In this quiz we are going to be looking for a place to live. Let's assume we are finding a home for you. What would suit you best? There are lots of different options: you can live in a town or city, or in the countryside, in a period building or a new build, on the top floor or in the basement, on your own or in a shared flat... So let's take a look and see what's on offer in Germany. Let's go.

 © PantherMedia / Darren Baker

Germany, a country of inventors

Things are now going to get a little more scientific, as we present German inventors. But have no fear: we are not going to be asking you about the laws of physics or the technical workings of machines. We will be focusing on the inventors themselves, some of whom you probably already know. And if not, we will now introduce them to you. 

Altes Museum Photo: Thomas Wolf (Edit): CC BY-SA 3.0

How much do you know about the museums in Germany?

Let's go to a museum! We are going to take a small tour of Germany's museums. Art, technology and history are on today's agenda, not to mention a few genuine curiosities. And of course we also have some quiz questions for you. Right, let's get started.

Abschluss Feuerwerk Volksfest Aschaffenburg Image: Carsten Frenzl | CC BY 2.0

Celebrate in Germany

Do you like to party? Then you have come to just the right place. In this quiz we will be taking you on a short tour of some of Germany's bigger and smaller party venues. So style your hair and pick out your glad rags. And off we go...


Architecture in Germany

How about a little architecture? Hope you've packed your camera, as we are now going to look at a few highlights - both old and new - of German architectural history. And of course there will be a few quiz questions.