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New Stages Southeast

New Stages Southeast invites playwrights and theater professionals from Southeast Europe and Germany to exchange and further develop their current material and themes.


New Stages Southeast


In 2021 and 2022, local workshops were held in the participating countries of Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Moldova, Serbia and Cyprus.

They promoted the authors' work on their projects and opened a dialogue about the role of theater in civil society, its current content and developments in the countries of Southeastern Europe.

In 2023, important texts and results of the collaboration were presented in Germany.


From April 20-23, the New Stages Southeast project will be hosted in Oberhausen (D). Authors from all countries will present their texts in a festival, including three participants from Greece.

From May 4 to 7, the International Book Fair will take place in Thessaloniki. The Goethe-Institut presents New Stages Southeast in the program and introduces two Greek authors and their texts.

During the year, some of the plays will be staged and shown on Greek stages and at festivals.

From 23 March to 9 April, the play Perseids or How to Party Hard will be shown as part of the FUTURE NOW 2023 festival. The two authors Zoe Sigalou and Marina Siotou stage a club night full of drunken confessions, curses, hugs and wild dancing in the basement of Onassis Stegi in Athens. Five women who want to fall in love, express themselves, dream. They meet in the Lady's Room and celebrate small moments of liberation there as a possible starting point for revolution against all that tries to make them weak. 

New Stages Southeast - Report

New Stages South East Festival

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In Greece, nine young talents were invited to the project. Since March 2021, they met regularly and worked on their texts under the guidance of Prodromos Tsinikoris (GR) and Jens Hillje (D). They also traveled to workshops and festivals in the other participating countries or took part in digital forums.