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Katerina Malakate

Katerina Malakate © Katerina Malakate Katerina Malakate was born in Athens. She studied Pharmacy. Since 2009 she manages the literary blog Diavazontas, that boasts hundreds of book reviews per year. For five years she was a radio producer for amagi radio, taking interviews from writers, editors, translators, readers. She’s the creator and admin of one of the most popular Greek book groups on facebook, with more than 38.000 members. Her third novel, “Faceless”, was published in October 2020 by Metaichmio Editions. Since 2013 she’s the owner and manager of Booktalks, a small indie bookshop-cafe. 

Seminar for Booksellers (16.11.20):

Signals of hope: Best practice in COVID times