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Marianna Tsatsou

Marianna Tsatsou
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Marianna Tsatsou was born in 1989 in Preveza. She studied translation at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University, where she completed her postgraduate studies in Translation. She lives in Berlin and works as a translator of English and German literature as well as an online content editor. She has translated Albert Einstein / Mileva Maric: Love Letters edit. by Jürgen Rehn and Robert Sulman (Ropi, 2016), Mileva Maric: In the Shadow of Einstein by Marie Benedict (Ropi, 2018), First Man: The life of Neil O. Armstrong by James R. Hansen (Ropi 2018), while The Sweet Indifference of the World by Peter Stamm is under publication (Kastaniotis, 2020).

Online seminar for translators (12.11.20):

Translating graphic novels: A special challenge