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Marco Verhülsdonk

Marco Verhülsdonk © Marco Verhülsdonk Marco Verhülsdonk, Digital Marketing Director, KiWi Verlag https://www.kiwi-verlag.de/
Marco Verhülsdonk, Head of Digital Marketing at Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch. He studied literature, history and philosophy, worked in publishing with amongst others stations at Rowohlt Verlag (Hamburg), Verlag Volk & Welt (Berlin) and since 2001 at Kiepenheuer Witsch "KiWi" (Cologne), first as an editor and in public relations. At KiWi he now is head of a growing digital marketing team, lead manager for all content, social, performance, mail- and e-book marketing and responsible for digital strategies.
Seminar for Publishers (18.11.20):

Successful online book marketing