Online Seminar for Translators The cultural contexts in literary translation

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Mon, 09.11.2020

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Does it matter where the translator lives and can one translate equally well in both directions?
What are the culture-specific differences in the area of editing, professional networking and international cultural and funding policy?
What influence do developments in technology and digitization have on text work?
There are some external factors that could be called "cultural context" and that influence writing and translation in German and Greek-speaking countries.
Christos Asteriou
, a writer and translator living in Berlin,
Marianna Chalari, a translator from Athens, and Michaela Prinzinger, a writer and translator living in Berlin and Leiden in the Netherlands, shed light on these questions, each from their respective point of view and based on the experiences of his personal and professional life.
17th Thessaloniki International Book Fair Watch the recording of the seminar here: