Moe Nakama
A Wonderful Month in Freiburg

© Moe Nakama

Thanks to the Goethe-Institut scholarship, I was able to take part in a German course (Intensiv 4) in Freiburg in September 2016 and spent a wonderful month there.

1. The German language Course at the Goethe-Institut Osaka

Before I participated in the German course in Freiburg I had attended a German course (standard course) at the Goethe-Institut Osaka. The German course was held twice a week in the evening and it was very useful and practical for me as I could practice German several times a week. Our class was not so large and I could always learn there in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Above all, our teacher Frau Müller was great. In addition to the textbook, she always brought along something interesting for us. She encouraged us to continue learning German at an upper level. She also helped us a lot with preparing for the German examination, which was really very helpful. I can only recommend the Goethe-Institut to anyone who wants to learn German in Japan, especially at the upper level.
2. The German Language Course at the Goethe-Institut Freiburg

Der Deutschkurs im Goethe-Institut Freiburg © Moe Nakama The month I spent in Freiburg was wonderful. The teachers at the Goethe-Institut in Freiburg are excellent, very professional and experienced. Especially our teacher Manfred is an exceptionally good teacher. He is a funny person, he always made us laugh in class, but at the same time he taught us a lot of useful knowledge and we learned a lot from him in a short time.
I especially admired my classmates. They came from different countries, but they were all very nice, friendly and highly motivated. Learning together with them was a very positive experience for me. Besides the lessons we went for a walk together on the Schlossberg and drove to Staufen. I will definitely never forget this.
In conclusion I would like to thank the Goethe-Institut once again for this fantastic experience!

Freiburg © Moe Nakama