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Leben und arbeiten in Deutschland© Goethe-Institut / Bernhard Ludewig

Living and working in Germany

If you want to migrate permanently to Germany for professional or private reasons, you will need language certificates as well as information about everyday work and life in Germany. The Goethe-Institute Lebanon offers a wide range of services and qualified support for preparation as part of the "Pre-Integration" project.

What is Pre-integration?

"Pre-integration" is the comprehensive preparation and qualified support for everyday and professional life in Germany, which already begins in the country of origin.

This takes place in the form of various free offers.

Our target group

The project "Pre-integration" in Lebanon is aimed specifically at adults who would like to move permanently to Germany for professional reasons (qualified specialists) or within the framework of family reunification.

You would like to work in Germany? There are different requirements for this, depending on your profession and qualifications. We will be happy to advise you on this.
You would like to move to Germany to live with your spouse? The requirements for this are that the family member is in possession of a residence permit, has sufficient living space, and is able to support himself or herself.
You also need proof of a basic knowledge of German (level A1). The Goethe-Institute offers German courses (digital) as well as exams (in presence). With the certificate of the Goethe-Institute you can apply for a visa for family reunification. Find out more on our website and let us advise you.

Our offer

Many questions arise before professional migration to Germany: How do I need to prepare in my country of origin? What are the first steps after my arrival in Germany? What language skills do I need and how do I best prepare for exams? We will advise you on all your questions regarding everyday life and work in Germany or direct you to the appropriate counseling centers.

You have a question and would like a personal consultation? Then please register via our contact form. You will then receive an appointment for consultation.
You have questions about our offer? In our virtual info sessions, we present the various workshops (virtual and physical) in more detail, answer your questions and, if necessary, refer you to the relevant counseling centers. We also offer regular info sessions on special topics, such as the visa process or recognition of certificates, or invite guests to talk about their lives and experiences in Germany.
To take up employment in Germany or within the framework of family reunification, German language skills must be proven. Through our exam preparation courses, we support you to successfully prepare for the language exams and acquire learning methods. The prerequisite for participation in a free exam preparation course is participation in one of our regular language courses and/or a binding registration for one of our exams.
When people of different cultural backgrounds meet, this can lead to uncertainties and irritations in thinking, feeling and acting. Living in a foreign society is successful if trusting relationships can be built and maintained. For this, criteria must be fulfilled, which we would like to introduce to you regularly through our intercultural workshops.
Are you planning to migrate to Germany for work and want to apply for a job there? Or are you planning to take up a job after the successful reunification? We will support you in preparing applications and prepare you for job interviews in Germany. The prerequisite for this is language skills at level B1.
Are you going to Germany soon or are you already there? At our regular workshops "My way to Germany" you will receive information that will support you on your arrival and make it easier for you to settle in.
  • We cannot find you a job. However, we will give you information on which platforms you can search for jobs.
  • We cannot intervene in any visa process. Likewise, we can neither accelerate the issuance nor have influence on the outcome.
  • We cannot represent you in any legal action or sign any agreements or contracts for you. You must arrange for legal aid yourself.

Information may appear on a confirmation of participation - please fill in passport-identical. Please use Latin letters when entering. Thank you.

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When you send us the information contained in the contact form by clicking on the button below, you declare your consent for us to use your personal data for purposes of answering your enquiry and/or contacting you. You can revoke your consent by sending an e-mail message to vorintegration-beirut@goethe.de. If you revoke your consent, your data will be erased immediately. Otherwise, your data will be erased after we have processed your enquiry or if the purpose of storing it no longer exists.

Privacy Policy

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Events are currently being planned. We will keep you updated.

Skilled Workers Immigration Act

The Skilled Workers Immigration Act for Germany has been in force since March 1, 2020. What are the new developments on the topics of visas, recognition and training after the Act has come into force?
Find out in the explanatory video from "Make it in Germany," the German government's portal for skilled workers from abroad.

Learn German and get information about Germany

With our materials you can learn German and get information about Germany.

Mein Deutschlandheft © Goethe-Institut

My Germany booklet

  • Information on initial orientation in Germany
  • Topics: first steps in Germany, starting work, finances, family life, leisure time, finding help, etc.
  • Language: simple German from A1 level

Mein Deutschlandkurs © Goethe-Institut

Self-study online course
My German course

  • Preparation for your life in Germany
  • Topics: first steps in Germany, work, finances, family life, leisure time, finding help, etc.
  • Language: German from A2 level

Useful links

Make it in Germany © Make it in Germany

The official website for international qualified professionals

The official website for international specialists with all the important information about living and working in Germany.


Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Would you like to work in your profession in Germany? Here you can find out how and where you can have your degree recognized.


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Europa fördert © Europa fördert

This project is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.