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Newsletter July 2023

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Expanded Curatorial Practice & Exhibition Making Training

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Open Call

Expanded Curatorial Practice & Exhibition Making Training

Goethe-Institut Myanmar will initiate training on expanded curatorial practice and exhibition making. The training is intended to encourage curatorial practice in the Myanmar art scene and everyone interested in curation. The main training courses will be led by Prof. Dr. Mi You from documenta Institut, followed by additional training and discussions.
For more information
Program of Care - Dance Movement Therapy

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Program of Care 2.0

“Dance Movement Therapy Workshop”

In collaboration with Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre of the Embassy of India, Goethe-Institut Myanmar brings you to a “Dance Movement Therapy Workshop” as a part of Program of Care 2.0! Dance Movement Therapy workshop aims to improve well-being through the benefits of gentle physical activity through dance. This workshop will encourage nonverbal creative expression and awareness of the body. It improves coordination and movement and encourages the release of tension. It can be a pleasurable activity and provide an opportunity for relaxation. This workshop is not about working towards a public dance performance. It does not require any prior dance training. This workshop will be led by Miss Lalan Desai, a dance performer and teacher from the Embassy of India, Yangon.
Anyone between the ages of 16 and 40 is welcome to join the workshop. Participants will be divided into groups (A) and (B), and admission is free. The Group B session is still just around the corner. Please complete the form using the link below to register for the group (B). Please note that there are limited seats available for this workshop: https://forms.gle/7zrdrSeiKepgTsMHA 
Date- July 11 and 18, 2023 (Tuesday)


Learn German at Goethe-Institut Myanmar

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German Language Courses

Start learning the German language systematically at the Goethe-Institut Myanmar! Our German language courses are based on the six levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our courses are thereby internationally recognized and comparable. Goethe-Institut Myanmar is offering online and offline German language courses in July. Registration is open from 28.6.2023 to 10.7.2023. For any inquiries, please get in touch with us via info.language.mmr@goethe.de.
Dates and prices
Goethe-Zertifikat Exam in July

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Goethe-Zertifikat Exams

Do you need documented proof of your German language skills that are recognized all over the world? The Goethe-Institut certificates are accepted worldwide as verification of your language capabilities. Goethe-Institut Myanmar is offering Goethe-Zertifikat exams in July! Registration is open from 3.7.2023 - 17.7.2023. Please check our schedule and register via info.language.mmr@goethe.de!
Dates and Enrolment


Junk Modelling Activity - Children & Youth Program

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Welcome to the Children and Youth Program at the Library! 
Are you looking for an exciting activity for your children? Look no further! We are happy to announce our upcoming “Junk Modelling” activity, where children aged between 6 to 13 years old can unleash their creativity and bring their imaginations to life.  
This hands-on activity teaches children how to turn everyday household junk into unique artwork. We will guide them through the process, providing them with inspiration and tips on creating arts and crafts using recycled household materials.  
Admission is free. Due to the limited number of places, if you want to register, please enroll via 01 9376160 (ext. 301/302) during the library’s opening hours or biblio-yangon@goethe.de by providing your Name, Age, Contact number, and Email address.
Be ready for a day filled with innovation, exploration, and fun!
Leseclub July

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Are you looking for a fun way to improve your language skills? Look no further than our reading club! Join us for a great time with friends, where we will explore a variety of easy reader books and expand our vocabulary.
This time, the reading club, which everyone enthusiastically participates in, will meet twice for our readings and is led by an experienced teacher from Goethe-Institut Myanmar. On the first day of the program, we will take turns reading a book, then exchanging our thoughts and opinions on how we understood the stories. We will read and discuss in both Burmese and German. On the second day, we will continue to read and discuss parts from the book we have enjoyed reading during the last two weeks.
Due to the limited number of seats, if you want to register, please enroll via 01 9376160 (ext.301/302) during the library’s opening hours or via email:
Lernberatung July

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What are some recommended resources for your German studies? Which books are suitable for your reading? How should you approach your study sessions? How can you effectively practice and improve in areas that challenge you, such as grammar? Fortunately, an excellent program is available where you can have all your questions answered.
In the Learning Advisory program, known as "Lernberatung," a teacher will assist you in overcoming difficulties and provide valuable guidance. 
Enroll now and participate in our free Learning Advisory Program for your German learning needs:
Board Game Friday July

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Join our monthly "Board Game Friday", where you can learn German while playing games with friends at the library! This time, have fun by taking turns asking the questions depending on the cards you have and answering the answers. In this game, you will learn German vocabulary and be able to construct sentences for questions using question words such as Wer, Was, Welche, Wie, Wo, Wann and ask questions properly.
Are you ready to join this game?
Let's participate in a board game called "Fragen und Antworten". To register >>> during the library opening hours 01 9376160 (ext. 301/302) or biblio-yangon@goethe.de
New arrivals - comic books July

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"New arrivals (Comic Books)”

Get ready for exciting new additions to our German comic book collection!  
We are happy to announce the arrival of many new titles that will appeal to readers of all ages.  
Be sure to stop by and check out these and other new arrivals in our library's comic book section. 
Happy reading! 


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