Katerina Georgieva

Katerina Georgieva © Lora Milusheva Katerina Georgieva is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She graduated Theatre Knowledge and Theatre Management at the Theatre Academy in Sofia. After her graduation she started working in the first contemporary independent dance company Derida as a coordinator, assistant organization, photographer and writer. After some months she went back to Plovdiv. She started to work as a playwright and PR at the State Puppet Theatre. Then, she worked as a playwright for tree years in State Puppet Theatre Vidin. During this experience, she wrote poetry, short stories, scripts, theatre reviews, trials of plays, she worked for theatre festivals, participated in poetry-digital projects, made her own short movies, practiced photography, travelled in Europe and participated in different theatre events and workshops in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia. She was then offered to work in the Drama Theatre in Plovdiv. She is also a member of the independent theatre company called Theatre of Responsibility. Their mission is to work as a platform of different theatre events. They organize each year the Theatre Festival Forum about untraditional forms of theatre like documentary theatre, psychodrama. Her first real experience as playwright was in “Without Clothes”, dance performance created with a budget of 40lv. After this she wrote her first piece, “The Celebration of Loneliness”.