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Ivor Martinić

Ivor Martinić © Ivor Martinić
Award-winning Croatian playwright Ivor Martinić (born in split 1984) studied Dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.
His play Ovdje piše naslov drame o Anti (The title of the drama about Ante) was first produced by City Theatre Split. His play Drama o Mirjani i ovima oko nje (Play about Mirjana and those around her) was produced by The Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, City Theatre (Ljubljana), Picadero Teatro (Buenos Aires) and Deus Ex Machina (Caracas).
His  play  Moj sin samo malo sporije hoda (My son only walks a little slower) was produced by Zagreb Youth Theatre. The production of this play won over 20 awards including Golden Laurel Award for Best play at MESS Festival in Sarajevo and Croatian Association of Dramatic artist Award for Best play. It has also been produced in Asuncion, Buenos Aires, Belgrade, Caracas, Mexico City, Montevideo, Paris, Santiago, Lima…
His play  Dobro je dok umiremo po redu (As long as we die in an orderly way) was produced by Zagreb Youth Theatre in 2019 and play Bilo bi šteta da biljke krepaju (Would be a Shame if the plants died) was produced by T25 Independent Theatre and KunstTeatar the same year.
His work has been translated into 20 languages and some of the translations have been published.