Irena Parezanović

Irena Parezanović © Irena Parezanović Irena Parezanović was born in Užice in 1997 and grew up in Požega. She completed her studies in dramaturgy at the Faculty of Performing Arts in 2020.
She writes books for children and young adults. She is the author of the plays "Don't leave home, child" (performed at the DADOV Youth Theatre) and "Back to the sea, away from the island" (performed at the Small Theatre "Duško Radović"). As a dramaturge, she staged the play "This, too, is called love" at the National Theatre in Užice. She was a film critic for the portal "Filmoskopija".
She was active within the Academic Film Centre at the Cultural Centre "Studentski grad". She wrote scripts for several feature and experimental films.
She is a musician and member of the band Rer'Ižu. She is currently studying for a Master's degree in dramaturgy.