​Hristina Mitić

  ​Hristina Mitić © Milica Mitra Cvetkovic Hristina Mitić, born in Belgrade in 1996, completed her undergraduate academic studies at the Faculty of Performing Arts in Belgrade, at the Department of Dramaturgy. She is the author of the play Painters directed by Stevan Bodroža (National Theatre in Niš, 2018).
As a dramaturg she was involved in the graduate performance The Lesson by Rastislav Ćopić (Faculty of Performing Arts, 2020) and in the performance Iluziæ directed by Nikola Zavišić (National Theatre in Belgrade, 2021). She was the author and host of three seasons of the podcast Aufschneiderei (Remarker.media, 2019/2020) and co-author of the podcast Frejminizam (Hartefakt Fond, 2020). She was a participant of the creative workshop The art of storyboarding, Direct before you shoot by David Russell teil (Belgrade, 2017), of the fourth cycle of the NELT educational programme (Belgrade, 2018/2019), of the Hyperreality workshop at Crater VFX Training Center (CGA Beograd, 2019), of the New Europe Market TV writing contest (Zagreb, 2019 and 2020) and of the Nordeus Booster (Nordeus HUB, Belgrade, 2020). In 2019, she organised and moderated the panel discussion Networking: possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration in digital and physical space as part of the NELT education programme. During her studies she was screenwriter and co-director of the short documentary Suspensions (Faculty of Performing Arts, 2018) and screenwriter of the short documentary Vlastimir Gavrik (Faculty of Performing Arts/Yugoslav Cinematheque, 2018). She has adapted the theatre text Andjela by Stevan Koprivica into a television script (Faculty of Performing Arts/Serbian Radio, 2019). In 2019/2020, she worked at the Hartefakt Fond Foundation as a programme associate for the project Public! carried out in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.