Petro Ionescu

Petro Ionescu © Petro Ionescu Petro Ionescu (playwright and theater director) lives and works in Cluj. Since 2015 she is actively involved in Reactor de creație și experiment, an independent theater from Cluj-Napoca, where she works both as an artist and a member of the staff.
Beside Reactor de creație și experiment, she collaborated with other independent theaters or cultural places from Romania like: Teatru FiX, from Iași, MACAZ- Teatru Bar Coop, from Bucharest, Fabrica de pensule, from Cluj-Napoca, Teatrul Național Târgu-Mureș – Compania Liviu Rebreanu.
As an artist, she is interested in political contexts and personal stories and so far she has worked on theater performances that focus on social issues like: unemployment, social invisibility, forced evictions and housing issues in Romania, isolation, gender inequality or different events from Romania’s recent history. Her works were invited at several national and international festivals from Romania.