Open Call Stückemarkt 2022


Stückemarkt 2022 © Theatertreffen For more than four decades, Theatertreffen’s Stückemarkt has been committed to a sustainable promotion of authors and/or (since 2012) theatre collectives at the outset of their creative careers. After a break caused by the pandemic, the Open Call for the 2022 Stückemarkt now starts with an open international competition, searching for new forms of authorship and innovative theatre languages. 

With its new head, dramaturg Anna-Katharina Müller, Stückemarkt is searching for authors and artists who apply an extended concept of authorship to explore new narratives and perspectives and to develop innovative, world-building languages.  
In keeping with its 2022 motto “What is the future worth (to us)?”, Stückemarkt is particularly interested in theatre texts and performance works that have the courage to create outlines for a possible future and to find aesthetics and artistic approaches that enable us to experience both utopian and dystopian worlds. Unlike the past years, the submitted works may be no older than two years. 
Stückemarkt‘s international jury of artists will select five works from among all applications. These works will be presented in an appropriate artistic form or introduced in an adequate form of presentation in the context of Theatertreffen in May 2022. 

The 2022 Stückemarkt-jury members are Olga Grjasnowa (author), Ogutu Muraya (author, theatre maker and storyteller), Kevin Rittberger (author and director), Gisèle Vienne (Director, choreographer, visual artist) and Anna-Katharina Müller (dramaturg and head of Stückemarkt). 

One of the invited artists or groups will be awarded the Stückemarkt commission, funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb). The commission comes with a sum of € 10,000 dedicated to the production of a new work with our partner theatre Schauspiel Leipzig.

Open Call

Application period: 14 October to 17 November 2021
Jury decision Stückemarkt: February 2022

Contact: Anna-Katharina Müller, Daja Vogt 

A look back at the 2021 Stückemarkt
The 2020/2021 Stückemarkt-artists talked to British author and theatre maker Simon Stephens about their work on the Royal Court Theatre’s Playwright’s Podcast and were portrayed in short films by film maker Juliette Hüsler. The podcast episodes and the film portraits are still accessible on Berliner Festspiele Digital

Information on other Open Calls
The Open Call for the revised Theatertreffen-Blog will probably be announced in December 2021. 
Since the International Forum could not be hosted in 2021 due to the pandemic, the already selected artists were invited once again to join the coming festival edition. Therefore, there will be no Open Call for the International Forum in 2022.