International Playwright Award Osnabrück 2022/23 - Open Call

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The new artistic direction of the Theater Osnabrück is going to continue the tradition of handing out an award to playwrights the next season (2022/23). After four very successful contests, the Theaterverein Osnabrück e.V. is now again cooperating with the Theater Osnabrück and calling
for young authors and playwrights to send in their works.

For the first time the award will be tendered internationally meaning the open call is not only looking for works in German but is also targeting playwrights from all over Europe.
This continent is shaped and characterized by borders and wars as well as by migration, solidarity and togetherness. The Award aims to present the various perspectives and realities of life that come
with that and exist all over the continent.
The new artistic direction is working towards a transcultural understanding of theatre and taking this as a starting point for opening the (metaphorical and literal) doors to all people living in this city. This process also means opening the Award to a more diverse set of candidates than before.

We especially want to encourage authors and playwrights with experiences of migration and also those in the second and third generation to answer this call. The programme targets European playwrights in the process of professionalisation as well as playwrights that are already established in the market.

To participate candidates must send in a short description of their project and a first draft of 10 pages. The deadline for application is the 1st of march 2022.
The descripton and draft should be in German or English, the play itself however can be composed in any language – in this case,Theater Osnabrück will provide a translation into German.

Also part of the application is a form that needs to be filled out with personal information which can found and downloaded on the website below. This information should not be displayed on the draft and description. That way we can make sure that the independendt jury will receive anonymous drafts and descriptions.

The submitted applications will be evaluated by the jurors. Five playwights will be invited to take part in a workshop to further develop and discuss their projects together with the jury, the director of the planned premire and actors from the ensemble of the Theater Osnabrück. This workshop will take place in Osnabrück in mid-may 2022.

The five selected candidates will be asked to revise their concept and plays and send them back to the jury by the end of June.
By mid-July, one of the five plays will be chosen for a premiere at the Theater Osnabrück in April 2023. The author selected will complete the play by September 15, 2022 and make it available to the theater and the directing team.

At the end of September 2022, a public award ceremony will take place in Osnabrück and the
winner will receive a prize of 5000 euros. The winning play will be premiered at the Theater Osnabrück on April 1st 2023.

via e-mail to Julia Buchberger:
by post Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück, Dramaturgie, Domhof 10/11, 49074 Osnabrück.
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