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Get to know our motivated regional tutors. We are looking forward to talk to you and help you achieve your personal German learning goal.

I am Ursula and I very much look forward to getting to know all of you. I am sure that we will have lots of fun together. I am German/Ecuadorian, which is why I was lucky enough to grow up in two "worlds" and cultures. 20 years ago I started teaching DaF and Biology at the German School in Guayaquil and DaF at the German Culture Centre. My husband was relocated 14 years ago, which meant my family left Ecuador. My family consists of my husband, our 19 year old son, Andres, and our well-travelled dog Charlie (who has also become multilingual by now). We have lived in Mexico (Mexico City and Monterrey), USA (Boston), followed by Australia (Sydney) and have now returned to Boston. In all of these very different countries, I have been a DaF teacher. This gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons through exciting, rewarding and above all cultural experiences and impressions. I am a passionate teacher, I enjoy my job and I look forward to working together. 
Ursula Abad Ursula Abad
I grew up in the southern city of Stuttgart and studied at the University of Tübingen. I obtained my teaching degree in German and English with a focus on literary studies, linguistics, and education. Beginning in my first semester, I worked as an assistant in the department for German as a Foreign Language at the university and discovered my passion for teaching my mother tongue. Since then I have been following this passion and worked at different institutions in both the USA and Germany. The most fascinating aspect of teaching German is the combination of Lehren (teaching) and Lernen (learning) – for both my students and me. Learning a language takes you on an enriching journey that does not end in the classroom.
Elena Alston Elena Alston
„Moin, Moin“ is what we say in Northern Germany, the area I was born and where I grew up. I studied German and Scandinavian languages (MA) in Berlin. I`ve taught German as a foreign language in different levels for more than 25 years now. In doing so I`ve met people from all over the world and with a lot of different cultural backgrounds, which enriched my life enduringly.
Five years ago, me and my family moved on a tiny, car-free island in the Norwegian Atlantic. Thankfully there is the opportunity of online-teaching, which I enjoy a lot and which brings the whole world to me!
Imke Benthien Imke Benthien
Originally I am from Frankfurt, Germany, but have lived in Chicago for many years. Chicago is my “Wahlheimat” (chosen home).  Even though my degree is in economics/finance, my passion is teaching. Since 2009 I have been teaching at the Goethe-Institut in Chicago. I really enjoy the energy in the classroom - teaching is so rewarding.  In my free time I am a passionate runner - meet me at Lake Michigan early in the morning. ​​
Martina Gombas Martina Gombas
I am a real Hessian: born in Fulda, grown up in the Darmstadt area and a Kassel residents for 12 years before my move to Chicago.
I studied teaching profession in Frankfurt. My family and I have lived in Chicago since 2012 where I started to work for the Goethe-Institut in 2014. I love my job and am very happy to see that so many people from Chicago are interested in the German culture and language.
Ruth Herrmann Ruth Herrmann
I currently find myself once again living near Munich, in the same little town where I grew up. In Bochum, I completed my undergraduate studies in language teaching research and Japanese studies. Through a scholarship, I was able to do my master's in German as a Foreign Language (DaF) in Tokyo, where I studied for four years and taught German. As someone who enjoys travel and is interested in intercultural experiences, this was a great and exciting time for me. Getting to know other countries and cultural is my greatest passion. I love traveling; I especially enjoyed my trips to Japan, Chile, New Zealand and the USA. I really enjoy being in touch with people from all over the world. My favorite part of my job is intercultural exchange and the joy that foreign languages bring. I speak English and Japanese fluently, as well as a little bit of French and Spanish. I have lots of fun learning languages and hope to share this happiness with you.
Profile picture of the instructor Sabine Keefer Sabine Keefer
I was raised in Berlin, but lived in a beautiful city named Passau (in Bavaria) for 6 years. In Passau, I did my degree in Media Studies, focusing on German literature and German film. In 2012 I started working as a lecturer and research assistant at the university, at the chair for Media Education. I  also taught German courses for different groups of foreign students and refugees in 2012-2015. What I love about teaching language courses is the story behind each learner’s motivation. I want to help my students to enjoy not only the language, but his or her intercultural experience.
Steffi Krause Steffi Krause
Director, Regional Online Course Coordination Center NAM
Tel.: +1 (202) 8474700
I am from Munich where I did my Master's degree in German as a Foreign Language and Romance Studies. I have been teaching German in Portugal, Greece and Spain. I really enjoy the contact with people from other countries and love teaching as well as learning foreign languages myself. It has always been a pleasure to support my students and see their progress. My goal is to teach German in an interesting way and to exchange cultural experiences. I look forward to getting to know you.
Meike Lux Meike Lux
Before moving from Switzerland to Silicon Valley, I was teaching German and English at a “Gymnasium” in Zurich as well as at the “Volkshochschule” (community college). Learning and teaching languages has always been a passion for me, and as a native Swiss, I also speak other foreign/national languages, of course! Since 2009, I have been teaching standard as well as blended-learning classes at all levels at the Goethe-Institut in San Francisco. In addition, I also work as a German online tutor and teacher trainer for the Goethe-Institut. My goal for my learners is that, in addition to learning the language, they also get to experience the culture of the German-speaking countries, and have some fun along the way!
Anna Ralston-Schmid Anna Ralston-Schmid
I grew up in the historic city of Würzburg and lived in Berlin for 11 years, where I worked in the advertisement field. I hold degrees in Business Psychology and in Translation (English and Spanish). In 2012 I started teaching German to international students and artists. I enjoyed working as a German teacher and, therefore, started organizing group conversation as well as individual classes. It is a pleasure for me to teach German, and always a rewarding experience, when I can help my learners to make progress. In 2013 I decided to move to New York City. This place fascinates me because of its unique cultural structure and layered diversity. I am happy to help people here, to open the door to the wonderful German language and its rich culture. 
Mehrnosch Mrzaei Reyes Mehrnosch Mirzaei Reyes