Children's book presentation and reading WHAT IST WAS from Tessloff

Nui lua was ist was Photo: NXB Phu Nu

Sat, 12.05.2018


Goethe-Institut Hanoi

The most well-known brand of the Tessloff publishing house, originally for a children's and youth book series – will be presented by Ing. Vu Van Binh – Expert of Speed Reading

The serie of books explains to children and adolescents the topics from the fields of history, biology, science and technology. It was much appreciated. All volumes in the book serie have a size of no more than 48 pages and are updated regularly. In 2015, at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, Tan Viet has acquired the license for 20 volumes of this serie of books and, after two years, has translated and edited 10 volumes. The Goethe-Institut promoted the translation of „Vulkane – Feuer aus der Tiefe“ und „Energie-Was die Welt“ into Vietnamese. At the same time a bookcover exhibition will be opened in the hall of Goethe-Institut.