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Our Online Course Offerings

HAN Exam Preparation Course © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

B1 exam preparation courses

In these courses, you get to know the different parts of the written and oral exam by working with sample exam sets, and learning different exam techniques.

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Online Placement Test

Are you taking one of our German courses for the first time? Placement tests lets you quickly find out which course level is right for you.

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Would you like to be able to post comments in German on TikTok and Instagram? Do you enjoy playing exciting online games? Or watching films in German? Then practicing with the Goethe-Institut is for you! We have developed apps and games, made videos and chosen more than 100 films for you. We also show you fascinating experiments in our digital children's and junior university.

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Everyday Live

Are you planning to spend a significant amount of time in Germany – perhaps even move there to live or work? Our wide range of free exercises, apps and films help you improve your German at all levels – from A1 to C2 to prepare you for everyday life in Germany. From finding an apartment to shopping for food, you will gain valuable communication skills from members of our learning community who have already made the move. 

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Work & Career

Are you planning to live and work in Germany? You can find free exercises here to improve your German for work – from levels A1 to C2. These exercises will also help you find out what it is like to actually work in Germany for a German employer. What should you watch out for in an interview? How many hours a week do people work on average? You’ll find the answers to these, and more workplace-focused questions, in videos from people already at work in Germany. 

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Learning & Education

Do you want to learn German for free and practise for the next quiz show at the same time? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve prepared general knowledge questions about Germany and the world that are suitable for all levels. Which region of the world has the most penguins? What job did German inventor Carl Benz have in his summer holidays? Test your knowledge and impress your friends with what you know!

Our recommendations

Learning German with Ida: How to pronounce compounds Photo: © Goethe-Institut

Learning German with Ida: How to pronounce compounds

Hi! I'm Ida, your German teacher on YouTube. In this video, I'm cleaning my fridge. Why? I was on holiday and now, unfortunately, a lot has gone bad: Cucumber, pepper sauce, strawberry yoghurt. Help me make sure this doesn't happen again and I'll show you how to pronounce compounds like “Erdbeerjoghurt”.

Ida with a cup of coffee in her hand Photo: © Goethe-Institut

Learning German with Ida: How to pronounce international words

I am so happy! My tablet works again. But what's the difference between a “Tablet” and a “Tablett”?! In this video I show you how to pronounce international words – that is words that come from another language.

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Listening Texts For All Levels

Do you listen to podcasts and want to learn German free of charge? Then you have come to the right place! Our podcasts, from all over the world, cover a wide range of topics and language levels. Whether you are just starting out at level A1 or can already speak more fluently at level B2 or C1 – give us a listen!

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