Aurel Von Richthofen Bio Photo Photo credit: Carli Teteris, 2019

Aurel Von Richthofen

Dr Aurel von Richthofen is an architect and urban researcher. His transdisciplinary urban research encompasses three main areas: Computational urban analysis, design and communication tools based in semantic webs and urban knowledge graphs; research on sustainable urban design and circularity; and curriculum development in urban design education and science, technology and policy transfer. Aurel leads the Cities Knowledge Graph project at Future Cities Laboratory Global of the Singapore-ETH Center. He is the co-initiator of Culture | Smart City by the Goethe-Institut Singapore and EUNIC.

Cities Knowledge Graph

The Cities Knowledge Graph is an urban knowledge system built on linked data and Semantic Web Technologies, used for urban knowledge formation, from visualisation of urban data to planning and scenario development. It foregrounds a political and social dimension vis-à-vis fast developing digital technologies deployed in urban spaces in the discourse on future cities.

The Project
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash