Broadening the Conversation

Culture | Smart City is a multilateral and multidisciplinary collaborative initiative that aims to (re) imagine urban cultural transformation within the smart city discourse.

Phase 2 of this initiative will broaden the conversation on Culture and the Smart City, and depict the “smart city” as a meeting of diverse actors and actants that enable multiple narratives, varying flights of thought and un/intended consequences. Phase also aspires for its cracks and gaps to inspire others to join in the conversation, because it is in the unarticulated and unforeseen gaps that new potentialities begin.

© Goethe-Institut I Illustration: Johanna Benz

Explore Culture | Smart City through 4 distinctive public programmes:

Photo: Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash
Tracing Latencies Poster Square © CROP.SG

Culture | Smart City: Exhibition

Tracing Latencies is a hybrid group exhibition of the Culture | Smart City project, held from 3 March to 3 April 2022 at 136 GOETHE LAB. This mixed-media, multi-sensory exhibition presents 8 art installations from artists and creative practitioners across Southeast Asia, to radically (re)imagine the conditional ways we relate to our increasingly digitalised urban environments and each other. Tracing and unfolding the cloaked systems, illegible structures, and dislocated anxieties that constitute our algorithmic environment, the audience is invited to walk/click through, pause, and embrace these peripheral encounters

Provocations Square Cover Photo © Goethe-Institut Singapur

Culture | Smart City Provocations

Culture | Smart City Provocations is a series of live virtual dialogues and events exploring what could and should be the role of urban cultural transformation in the future smart city. 

It will bring together a diverse and transregional range of experts from arts practitioners, urban planners to thought leaders and researchers to share insights and offer fresh perspectives on how culture and cities are evolving before our eyes.

Provocations Square Cover Photo © Goethe-Institut Singapur

Culture | Smart City Connections: Open Call

Culture | Smart City: Open Call is a global invite to all public enthusiasts from all walks of life, backgrounds and practices, to (re) imagine the smart city as a cultural system. It seeks to harness vernacular creativity to inspire new possibilities and negotiations of the urban environments in which we live. We want to hear about the future city you want to live in. Join in this conversation to co-create the vision of the future smart city.

Culture | Smart City TBA Cover © Goethe-Institut I Illustration: Johanna Benz

Culture | Smart City: Publication (TBA)

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