Philippe Calandre © Philippe Calandre

Philippe Calandre

For the past ten years or so, Philippe Calandre's work has revolved around architecture and, more recently, utopia. From 2012, he uses the technique of photomontage to introduce the imaginary on real sites. The splendor of Philippe Calandre's landscapes is due to a subtle balance between past, future and present. The use of black and white or desaturated colors gives his compositions an a-temporal value. The photographer thus transports us towards indeterminate regions in which our dreams and our unconscious can be projected.

Suntec City

Traversing Singapore from end to end, building after building and street after street, Philippe Calandre contemplated Singapore through its structure and exploration of its urban intimacy to the limits of its periphery.

The Project
suntec city J10 / inkjet printing on fine art paper/ philippe calandre© 2020