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Rui Vasques

Designer and social entrepreneur Rui Vasques has dedicated his life to a sustainable future for the generations to come. His work spans permaculture design, eco-villages, arts and music, education, as well as research on circular economy. 

Born in Brazil and raised in Coimbra, Portugal, Rui holds a master’s degree in production design from at IADE Lisbon. His thesis project “Eco-Village Community” created opportunities and sparked new ideas. Rui is the founder and president of “Live With Earth”, an organisation for global sustainable development by actions in Portugal.  

Live With Earth Association

Live With Earth is an Organization for Global Sustainable Development by Circular Economy, based in Portugal, ECO CAMPUS Torres Vedras, promoting it's vision “Eco-Village Community thesis-project, Rui Vasques IADE 2011“ since 2012. It is based on the belief that humankind will thrive on Planet Earth when we learn how to Live With the Earth and not Live by the Earth.

The Project
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