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Culture | Smart City Connections: Open Call

Here are the results of our Culture | Smart City Connections: Open Call!

Grand Prize: 
Komorebi: (KO)LLECTIVE-(MO)BILE-(RE)SPONSIVE-(BI)OMIMICRY by Hoo Zhi Xin (Mich), Haziq Arrifin and Queenie Wong Quin Ee (Malaysia)

Runner Ups: 
BTO – Built-to -Owner – Diary Entries by Inanimate Objects
By Cass Zheng (Singapore)

Swamp City
By Alice Bucknell (London)

Special Mentions:
By Fariz Fadhilillah (Indonesia)

Slime – Climate AR Experience Game
By Sara Pignatone (Italy)

Congratulations once again to all our prize winners and a heartfelt thank you to all who have submitted!


The Brief

​Cities are changing at an extraordinary pace.In particular, the impact and influence of the digital age are vastly stronger today, where the term 'smart city' has captured the imagination of many across the globe, including urban planners, policy makers, artists and civic activists. The smart city represents a tectonic shift that is changing the city at all levels, from social life, levels and forms of connectivity, models of economy and governance to ways of working and communication.

Yet, at the heart of every city is culture. After all, cities have never been only about buildings. Rather, the built form of the city is the stage, actor and crucible of cultural change.Great cities are ones that bring together critical masses of creative people and enable new material, mediated and imagined paradigms to take shape and transform communities and civilizations.  

Based on this premise, it is critical that the city should be first and foremost recognized as a cultural system. And as the volume, velocity and variety of instantly available data streams emerge as increasingly influential forces affecting our everyday practices and relations, questions of place and what the advent of digitalization means for how we live, work, connect and play, will matter as never before. 

This Open Call uses the optic of the “smart city” to critically explore the shifting and increasingly complex relations between culture and technology in urban landscapes.This under-explored parallel consideration of culture and technology offer unique ways for a deeper understanding of emergent modalities of culture, creativity and the city. 

Importantly, this Open Call will depict the "smart city" as a meeting of diverse actors and actants that enable multiple narratives, varying flights of thought and un / intended consequences, rather than a complete, opaque and indifferent system operating in the background. Concurrently, this Open Call also desires to make visible the cracks, gaps and exclusions, to inspire all to join in the conversation, because it is in the unarticulated and unforeseen gaps, that new potentialities begin.

Download the letter here:  CSC Open Call Brief (PDF, 4 MB)

Submission Guidelines

Different creative approaches are welcome. We welcome a diverse range of unique insights, unusual perspectives and unexpected contributions. Entries can be in a format of the participant's choice, and may be in the form of, but not limited to: 

  • Short text
  • Digital / interactive art
  • Video / audio documentation
  • Graphic designs 
  • Photography and moving images
  • Performances
  • Sound art
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Literary works from poems to short fiction 
  • Thought pieces / short essays / critical responses

Entries can be submitted in any of these file formats: 
  • pdf , word doc, ppt
  • Video in mp4 , vimeo, YouTube link
  • Audio (music, podcast, sound experience) in mp3  , vimeo, Youtube, psa , audio file
  • Images in jpeg , eps , ai , or gif format 

Interested participants are to submit the following docments via email to
  • 100-word biography
  • Portolio (if applicable)
  • Entries

Any submissions without any of the above forms would be considered incomplete and will be disqualified from assessment.

Then open call will close on 19 December 2021, 2359hr SGT | 2129hr IS | 1659hr CET | 1559hr GMT | 1059hr EST. Check your local time here .

Please Note:
  1. Please submit only original work 
  2. Please submit high resolution, layered artwork files where relevant
  3. Please submit, if possible, in the English language. If this is not possible, please note that we will use an online translator tool to translate the submission
  4. Please include all sources, or reference points
  5. For creators, please ensure you own all rights to use all elements included in the work submitted 
  6. Submissions can be either pre-existing or unique work created especially for this opportunity 
  7. Incomplete or physical submissions will not be accepted
  8. Late submissions after the deadline will not be accepted

(Re)Imagine the Smart City

Respond to one or more of the following questions:

  1. What is the role of culture in the future smart city?
  2. How will smart urbanism affect the arts, culture and creativity?
  3. How can smart urbanism empower local communities? 
  4. What are the consequences of smart urbanism on culture, creativity and community? 
  5. What's missing when we typically talk about the future smart city? 
  6. How are we able to move towards a more inclusive and participatory vision of the future smart city?


Category Prizes
Grand Prize (x1) SGD$1000.00
Runner-up (x2) SGD$500.00
Special mentions Amount to be disclosed upon announcement

Assessment Rubrics

A selection panel of relevant experts and collaborators will be formed to assess all entries.

Category Percentage 
Relevance of Concept to the Brief 30%
Creativity of Concept 30%
Artistic Merit 20%
Feasibility and suitability to the digital medium of presentation 20%