Streetlamp No. 107101 (2022)

Streetlamp No. 107101 is a responsive light installation that speaks to the heavy light pollution of our small city, which houses at least 107,100 streetlamps (as of 2017). By resisting our expectations of light, it meditates upon our relationships with visibility as inflected by our personal and communal senses of safety, security, privacy, and time.

© Charlotte Tan
Streetlamp Square 2


Feelers is an art & technology studio & collective. As a nascent collective, we are still learning about one another, and as such our collective identity remains amorphous, a loose sum of each of our individual practices which span computing, designing, writing, producing, curating, weaving, performing, and making. Meanwhile, our studio work involves initiating and nurturing cross-pollination between arts and technology through projects which increase accessibility, deepen engagement, and foreground the value of the art-making process.