Diverse As
We Are

International Festival of Inclusive Culture
in Shanghai 2022.
DAWA is for everyone!
And everyone is welcome!



DAWA Vlog 1 © DAWA

When people with hearing impairment met DAWA

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DAWA Vlog 2 © DAWA

Enjoying Gala with wheelchair users

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DAWA Vlog 3 © DAWA

“Seeing myself from where the clouds are”, an inclusive arts experience

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DAWA Vlog 4 © DAWA

Midnight Movie, an inclusive performance - how to make it happen?

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DAWA Vlog 5 © DAWA

What has DAWA brought to us?

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Still can’t get enough of DAWA?

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“Diverse As We Are” International Festival of Inclusive Culture is a project within European Spaces of Culture, which aims to test and implement innovative models of collaboration in culture between European actors – EUNIC members and EU Delegations – and local partners in non-EU countries, delivering the EU strategy on international cultural relations. European Spaces of Culture is a Preparatory Action initiated by the European Parliament, implemented by EUNIC in close collaboration with the European Commission and the European External Action Service. EUNIC-European Union National Institutes for Culture – is Europe's network of national cultural institutes, with 38 members from all EU Member States and associate countries.