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KINO! Film Salon: The Audition

The Audition

2:00pm EDT



Language: English
Price: Free admission Registration required

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KINO! Film Salon is a monthly online film club to discuss German film.
How it works: Each month we choose a German film or series currently available to stream on U.S. platforms, watch it independently, and come together for a hosted conversation with other fans of German film.
For our June session we have picked Ina Weisse’s award-winning The Audition, starring the great Nina Hoss whose “razor-sharp performance passes the audition with flying colors” (The Hollywood Reporter). U.S. participants can stream the film on Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, and others.

Anna is a stern, particular violin teacher at a high school for musicians in Berlin. Her relationship with her charming, violinmaking French husband, with whom she has a 10-year-old son, is in slow decline. At the school’s annual entrance exam, and despite the opposition of the other teachers, Anna promotes the admission of a boy in whom she detects a remarkable talent. Working with great dedication, she is determined to cultivate excellence in her new pupil for an upcoming audition, and begins devoting more time to her job—as well as to extramarital interests. This shift away from her family does not go unnoticed, and a rivalry for Anna’s affection emerges, with a shocking resolution.

Hosted by Sydney Levine
Sydney Levine consults, interviews, and writes about filmmakers and the film industry. She has taught international film business at universities including UCLA, Chapman, The New School of Social Research, and the University of Television and Film Munich, as well as at festivals including the Cannes Producers Workshop, and Berlinale Talents. She created FilmFinders, the film industry’s first database, which was acquired by IMDb. She currently lives in Berlin and Los Angeles. 
KINO! Film Salon is a production of Telescope Film, in partnership with the German Film Office.

Das Vorspiel
Dir. Ina Weisse
With Nina Hoss, Simon Abkarian, Serafin Mishiev, Ilja Monti, Jens Albinus
Germany/France, 2019
99 minute