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Kids Kino: Rocca Changes the World

Rocca Changes the World


Goethe-Institut New York

30 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003


Language: German with English subtitles
Price: Free
+1 212 4398700 Registration required

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The German Film Office is pleased to announce Rocca Changes the World as its Kids Kino pick for June.

Unless otherwise stated, all films in this series are suitable for general audiences and are presented in German with English subtitles.

Brave, adventurous, caring, funny, and one of a kind; that’s Rocca. Although she is only 11 years old, Rocca has already led an extraordinary life. When her father, an astronaut, is sent to the International Space Station, Rocca must leave her home at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in far-off Kazakhstan, and go live with her grouchy grandmother Dodo in Germany. Having never attended a regular school before, Rocca, with her carefree and non-conformist attitude does more than stand out in class; she stands up for justice. Along with her pet squirrel Klitschko, she confronts skeptical teachers, tames the school’s bullies, and befriends the homeless Casper. All the while, she tries to win over her grandmother’s heart. With never-ending optimism, together with her friends, Rocca proves that even a child has the power to change the world.

Rocca Changes the World won a German Film Award for Best Children’s Film in 2019 and was nominated for the European Film Academy’s Young Audience Award in 2020. 

Rocca verändert die Welt
Dir. Katja Benrath
Germany, 2019
101 minutes
With Luna Maxeiner, Fahri Yardim, Barbara Sukowa, Mina Tander, Volker Bruch, Luise Richter, Leo Knizka, Caspar Fischer-Ortmann, Detlev Buc