Film screening

Kids Kino: What the Finn?! – Summer of Surprises

Filmstill: What the Finn - Summer of Surprises


Goethe-Institut New York

30 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003


Language: German with English subtitles
Price: Free admission
+1 212 4398700 Registration is required for this event

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The German Film Office is pleased to present the award-winning feature film What the Finn?! – Summer of Surprises as part of its popular “Kids Kino” series.
Register We recommend this film for children 8 years old and above.

Nothing is going right for 10-year-old Finn. First the paddling trip with his father falls through, and then his backpack is stolen on the train to go stay with his mom in Berlin. The conductor doesn’t believe his ticket disappeared—and neither do the police at the next train station. What the Finn?! Luckily, the quick-witted 12-year-old Jola comes to his rescue, and on a hijacked tractor the two runaways embark on an exciting journey to the seashore. Along the way, a brazen gang of rockers, a real wolf, and other fist-pumping adventures await.

Based on the children’s book series by Martin Muser.

“[What the Finn?! – Summer of Surprises] stands out for excellent storytelling, clear direction, and wonderful lead performances from two young actors, Lotte Engels and Miran Selcuk.”—63rd Zlín Film Festival jury

What the Finn?! – Summer of Surprises won Best Children’s Film at the 2024 German Film Critics’ Awards and the Golden Slipper Award at the Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Dir. Stefan Westerwelle
Germany, 2023
95 minutes
With Miran Selcuk, Lotte Engels, Ekrem Bora aka Eko Fresh, Joachim Foerster, Gisa Flake, Heiko Pinkowski, Mirja Boes, Leslie Malton, Felix von Manteuffel