The Capacity for Adequate Anger

The Capacity for Adequate Anger © Vika Kirchenbauer
October 2, 6:45pm, Howard Gilman Theater

October 3, 6:15pm, Howard Gilman Theater

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A collage of ephemera both personal and public, The Capacity for Adequate Anger traverses the distance between present and past in an examination of the artist’s relationship to class identity. Through voiceover and flashes of imagery—family photographs; the ’90s media representation of AIDS; Marie Antoinette; a gender-ambiguous anime character— Vika Kirchenbauer’s autobiographical video contemplates the sociological dimensions of emotions from shame to envy to rage, and what forms of political agency they make possible or impede.
U.S. premiere, director in person!
Screens as part of Currents Program 4: Still Life 

The Capacity for Adequate Anger 
Dir. Vika Kirchenbauer
Germany, 2021
15 min.

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