Frédéric Jaeger

Frédéric Jaeger © Frédéric Jaeger Director of The Deluge

Frédéric Jaeger studied film and philosophy at the Free University of Berlin and has since worked as a film critic and festival programmer. His films include the documentary Unbeleuchtet (2007, co-screenwriter and editor) and the short film Nothing but Progress (2016, co-director). He currently studies film at the Berlin University of the Arts. His short film Hönow’s Enlightenment (2020) premiered at the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival and his subsequent short Men’s Room (2021, co-directed with Manuel Inacker) debuted at Filmfest Dresden. The Deluge (2021) premiered at the Hof International Film Festival, and his most recent film, Pull It Off (2022), was first presented at the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival.