The Deluge

A mother holding a toddler in front of a playground © Ununterbrochen reden Fiction short
Germany, 2021, 13 min.

Language: German with English subtitles
Original title: Ununterbrochen Reden
Director: Frédéric Jaeger
Screenwriter/Editor/Producer: Frédéric Jaeger, Nino Klingler
Cinematographer: Nino Klingler
Cast: Christoph Bach, Jasper Engelhardt, Dilan GeZaza, Ela Cosen, Yankui Li, Keshi Thalla, Judith Wegner
Festivals: Hofer Filmtage 2021, Go Short Nijmegen 2022, Norwegian Film Festival Grimstad 2022, São Paulo Short Film Festival 2022

The tire is flat, and it’s almost time: Martin and his daughter are meeting mommy at the playground. But she prefers to party with her friends by the river as if there were no pandemic. Soon, it will be summer in Berlin.

Presented with Hanna Doose’s Kiss My Wounds