Mohamed Abdelkarim

Mohamed Abdelkarim, Egypt Mohamed Abdelkarim (El Minya, 1983). Abdelkarim’s practice is performance-oriented. He considers performance as a research method and a practice through which he produces texts and images that embody the forms of poetry, scripts, sound, and video. Abdelkarim finished his BA in art education from Helwan University in Cairo in 2005. Later in 2011, he participated in the first edition of the HWP Home Workspace Program: a one-year non-degree program at Ashkal Alwan Beirut. In 2016 He finished His MA on major of Art in Public Sphere at Ecav/Edhea, Sierre, Switzerland, where he wrote his thesis in performativity and knowledge engagement. As part of his performative practice, he established „Live Praxes“ - a performative project that brings together lectures, debates, readings, critical responses, and creative quests, alongside organizing performance nights. Abdelkarim currently lives and works in Cairo.