Frederick Ebenezer Okai

Frederick Ebenezer Okai © Samuel Baah Kortey Frederick Ebenezer Okai (1986) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sunyani, Ghana. Okai's practice takes the form of sculpture, installation, video, sound, virtual and augmented reality, exploring the plastic possibilities of his primary material – clay. Guided by a profound respect for ancestral wisdom, Okai embarks on extensive journeys, as means of tapping into the rich tapestry of culture. As a pseudo-ethnographer, his collaborative practice highlights indigenous Ghanaian pottery making, and gives reverence to the art's under recognised artists, women. In his praxis, clay becomes a repository of stories, a silent witness to the past while confronting contemporary concerns. Okai interrogates themes such as coexistence, spatial relations, and form. His interest in the revolutionary potential of form informs the rigorous techniques he employs by breaking, welding, stacking, painting, spreading, stitching, and shifting familiar imagery to forge artistic possibilities that create new knowledge founded on ample dose of good old play.