Mohamed El Masry

Mohamed El Masry © Mohamed El Masry Mohamed El Masry, born in Cairo in 1978, is a visual artist who currently resides and works in Dubai, Beirut, and Cairo. Over the past two decades, he has conducted extensive research and investigation in his artistic pursuits. El Masry combines cynicism and critique to shed light on both local and global issues. Through the use of symbols that carry various connotations, some more well-known than others, he aims to spark curiosity and provoke thought about political and geographical matters. Ultimately, his goal is to challenge the idea of history as a fixed reality. El Masry's artwork has been showcased at various international art events, such as the Tehran International Biennale in Iran in 2006, the Beijing Arts Olympics in China in 2008, the Beijing Biennale in China in 2012, the Berlin Biennale in Germany in 2012, The New York Biennial for Contemporary Arts in the United States in 2013, and the Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh in 2018.