Tessi Kodjovi

Tessi Kodjovi © Parmenas_Awudza_for_mono - mono star Born in 1974, Tessi Kodjovi's practice delves into the foundational aspects of existence, drawing from universal experiences and emotions such as love, hope and sorrow. Through his craft, Tessi merges his exploration with an intrinsic compulsion to sculpt wood and mold iron, invoking and navigating toward the divine. Wood and iron are not just mere materials but symbols resonating with a reverence for their transformation. They metamorphose from natural elements to cultural instruments and poetic conduits that bridge the human and the divine. These elements are emblematic of the African civilizations' evolution, signaling their abundant heritage and wisdom. In juxtaposing these age-old elements within contemporary contexts, Kodjovi underlines the forward-thinking capacities inherent in Africa's traditions. The sanctity of trees and wood underscores urgent environmental narratives, speaking to the planet sustenance. Paired with the sophisticated art of iron-smelting, Kodjovi's work embodies Africa's timeless contribution to human innovation and resilience. Kodjovi envisions a reverberation of Africa's past, amplifying its resonance in addressing and remedying present-day global challenges.