During the period prior to registration for cultural institutions to participate in the hackathon, the project is offering instructive audiovisual content that focuses on preparing their teams to send their respective data packets, emphasizing essential topics such as licenses and formats. 
The Legislation phase of the training program focuses on legal topics, with participants including Mariana Valente and Juliana Monteiro, Creative Commons Brazil; and Sérgio Branco, from the Institute for Technology and Society (ITS); along with Tânia Rodrigues and Marcos Cuzziol - Itaú Cultural - and their innovative platforms of knowledge projects. A reference group in fields related to legislation, which will contribute essential guidelines regarding key concepts such as Authorial Rights and Public Domain.
The Systems and Processes phase explores the productive flows of cultural institutions, which, most importantly, based on digital transformation, become essential engineering and organizational architectures so that access to the collections can extend to electronic media. Institutions like ICOM Brazil and the São Paulo Biennial Foundation situate the debate in the present, highlighting best practices like providing guidance for a broader understanding of cybernetics’ potential. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we monitor the cases of the Wanda Svevo Historical Archive as well as those of the São Paulo Biennial Foundation’s Research and Distribution Center.
Technologies, addresses the multiple aspects of the development of technologies, not only as an area-specific tool in the productive flow of institutions, but, also as finalistic, as a field of knowledge; for this phase, participants include the Moreira Salles Institute and the Wiki Movement Brazil.