Sumatran Numismatic Museum

Sumatran Numismatic Museum The Sumatran Numismatic Museum is the first numismatic museum in Sumatra which was inaugurated on May 2, 2017 by the Governor of North Sumatra. The museum is located on the 2nd floor of Gedung Juang 45 North Sumatra, Jalan Pemuda No. 17, Medan Maimun, Medan City, North Sumatra. This museum was founded by Saparudin Barus who is a money collector who cares about the history of Indonesian money and provides education to the public.


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About the collection


Imperial/Sultanate coins

Some collections of imperial coins are Aceh Sultanate coins, Deli Sultanate coins, Royal Coal coins, Sri Indrapura Sultanate coins, Pasai Sultanate Royal coins, Palembang Sultanate coins, Palembang coins, Jambi coins, Banten Sultanate coins, Cirebon Sultanate coins, Demak Sultanate coins, Syailendra Mataram Kingdom coins, Majapahit coins, Jenggala Kingdom coins, Sumenep Sultanate coins, Pontianak Sultanate coins, Maluku Kingdom coins, Banjarmasin Royal coins, Mempawa Sultanate coins, Buton Kingdom coins, Makassar Sultanate coins, and Gowa Sultanate coins.

Plantation tokens
Collection of plantation tokens range from Sumatra plantation tokens, Tandjong Alam (Asahan) plantation tokens, Tanah Radja plantation tokens, Kisaran tokens, Deli plantation tokens, Poeloe Samboe plantation tokens, Hessa plantation tokens (Kisaran), Ballarat mining tokens JR Grundi, NKPM Soengai tokens Gerong, Riau Islands gambling token, Bangka mining token, and Palembang mining/petroleum token.

Oeang Republik Indonesia Daerah/Darurat (ORIDA)
ORIDA collections include Atjeh Timur ORIDA, Atjeh ORIDA, Koetaradja Atjeh ORIDA, Tapanoeli ORIDA, Pematang Siantar ORIDA, Asahan ORIDA, Tigabinanga Karo ORIDA, Nias ORIDA, East Sumatra ORIDA, Bukit Tinggi ORIDA, ORIDA exchange for Djambi, South Sumatra ORIDA, Bengkulu/Bengkulen ORIDA, Lampung ORIDA, Tanjung Karang Lampung ORIDA, and Banten ORIDA.

Oeang Republik Indonesia Tapanoeli (ORITA) printing machine
It was a money printing machine in the Tapanuli area, especially in Sibolga City, during the Dutch Military Aggression II, led by Resident Dr. Ferdinand Lumban Tobing to print the money for economic needs of Tapanuli. Currently, the machine is in the Sumatran Numismatic Museum and can still be used.